• “Historical and Cultural Foundations of the Nation”: 50 Years of the NHPA

    Fifty years ago this week — on October 15, 1966 — President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law the National Historic Preservation Act. This important piece of legislation has now allowed half a century of incredibly important work recognizing and preserving historical elements ... more

  • Shades of Green: Reports of the Department of the Inspection of Workshops and Factories

    In May 2013 we introduced you to an Ohio Memory collection that is of interest to genealogists but may have been overlooked as a source of genealogical information. We called our blog post “Shades of Green,” saying that, while vital records give us a good, solid outline on our ... more

  • For Czech-Americans, by Czech-Americans: The Americké Dělnické Listy

    Ohio Memory is pleased to announce its latest newspaper collection: the Americké Dělnické Listy (American Workingmen’s News)! This collection covers the years 1918 through 1941 and provides Czech-American insights on events, people and society ... more

  • Say “Cheese”!: Ohio’s Dairy Industry

    The earliest evidence of humans milking cows for their own consumption dates to 4000 B.C.E. in Great Britain and Northern Europe. After analysis, fat molecules from dairy products have been found on potsherds from this period. Scientists have since hypothesized that a genetic mutation ... more

  • USS Akron and the Rise, Fall and Rise of Airships

    On this day in 1931, the U.S. Navy airship the USS Akron took its first flight. The Akron is remembered as the first rigid, lighter-than-air ship made in Ohio, and it would become even more famous less than two years later when it was destroyed in the worst airship disaster ... more

  • Writing History: The Tower of London

    When we share materials via Ohio Memory, and when we discuss those materials in blog posts, we make every effort to be both accurate and impartial. In general, accuracy is the simpler goal of the two… so long as our sources are accurate, that is. Impartiality, however, is a bigger ... more

  • “If A Victory Is To Be Gained”

    Tomorrow, September 10th, marks the 203rd anniversary of a pivotal event in Ohio’s history as well as the nation’s. It was on this day in 1813 that British and American forces met in a naval engagement on Lake Erie during the War of 1812, resulting in an American victory that ... more

  • There She Is: Miss Ohio and Miss America

    On June 18, Alice Magoto was crowned Miss Ohio for 2016. On September 6, she will begin the preliminary competition for the title of Miss America, with the crowning of the winner to take place on September 11. This year marks the 95th year of the pageant, and with its ... more

  • Happy Birthday, Lucy!

    This Sunday, August 28, is the 185th birthday of Lucy Webb Hayes, the wife of Ohio governor and president Rutherford B. Hayes. Now commonly remembered as “Lemonade Lucy”–a nickname which seems to have been coined after her time in the White House and popularized by ... more

  • Painting a Picture: Battle of Fallen Timbers

    Those of us who bring you Ohio Memory are, as you might imagine, enthusiastic about Ohio’s history. We love to share materials from our collections and tell you about events that may have escaped your notice or not been on your radar since your school days. There are times, however, ... more