• Happy Birthday, Lucy!

    This Sunday, August 28, is the 185th birthday of Lucy Webb Hayes, the wife of Ohio governor and president Rutherford B. Hayes. Now commonly remembered as “Lemonade Lucy”–a nickname which seems to have been coined after her time in the White House and popularized by ... more

  • Painting a Picture: Battle of Fallen Timbers

    Those of us who bring you Ohio Memory are, as you might imagine, enthusiastic about Ohio’s history. We love to share materials from our collections and tell you about events that may have escaped your notice or not been on your radar since your school days. There are times, however, ... more

  • Yesterday’s Ads for Today’s Products

    Many of the products that we use in our homes every day have a long history. Whether it’s the soap in our bathrooms, the food in our pantries or the candy in our pockets, there’s a chance that one of your family members used similar items produced by the same companies ... more

  • The Supreme Creation of an Era: Ohio and the Early Auto Industry

    Of Ohio’s many claims to fame, those involving cars are typically not at the top of the list. We are, however, leaders in three areas relating to autos: accidents, signals, and inventors of automobiles and related technologies. The first traffic accident involving an automobile ... more

  • Beating the Heat

    Much of Ohio has been facing hot and humid weather over the last week, with heat advisories and high temperatures across the state. To give you a break from the sweltering summer, we’re taking a look at some Ohioans beating the heat in a number of ways on Ohio Memory! ... more

  • “Little Stories” Now Online!

    You may recall around this time last year we announced our recent receipt of a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. In that blog post, you learned about our plans to convene an advisory board to guide the project, develop a pilot digital collection of World War I ... more

  • How’s the Weather… Part Two

    Back in August of 2013, we wrote about a weather journal that was kept by State Librarian Zechariah Mills. Mr. Mills kept track of weather conditions every day from 1838 to 1844, and also added notations on goings-on in Columbus. We believed that the journal in the State Library’s ... more

  • Pleasing Penmanship from the Past

    When most of us remember back to our school notebooks and homework, good penmanship may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But a recent addition to Ohio Memory–a mathematical exercise book dating to 1842–tells quite a different story. The book, which was purchased by ... more

  • An American Pastime–Baseball in Ohio

    Today, July 8, we are almost exactly halfway through the Major League Baseball season, which runs from April 3 to October 2 of 2016. What better time to take a look at the history of America’s pastime as it’s played here in Ohio? The game of baseball has been played ... more

  • Cornerstone Laying Ceremonies and the Buildings that Shape Us

    Whether surrounded by a bustling city or a quiet rural community, buildings make up the places and spaces that make us who we are. Of course buildings serve a necessary utilitarian function, but importantly, they house many of our memories, milestones, and loved ones. Adding a new ... more